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The Future of Psilocybin
in Alzheimer
Disease Treatment

About Us

Ixtlan Bioscience is an Israeli based biotech company focused on developing psilocybin-based micro-dosing treatment complemented by personalized cognitive AI based exercises, aimed to open and utilize the window of plasticity for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and brain pathologies. 

Our mission is to pioneer and advance safe, affordable and accessible at-home psilocybin-based medicine to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.


Dementia in numbers







Ixtlan AD Kit

Ixtlan AD Kit comprises a unique kit for the treatment of a variety of brain pathologies by micro-dosing of encapsulated 5HT2A receptor agonists, specifically psilocybin, along with

Encapsulated psilocybin micro-doses.

An explicit use-protocol, carefully tailored under medical supervision, making it easy and safe for

in-home administration;

AI-based app dedicated to providing personalized and tailored cognitive exercise by psilocybin micro-doses, as well as monitoring the patient;

Cognitive exercise - in the form of a gamified physical product tailored to address different levels of cognitive impairment.

A uniqne home test for detection of psilocybin metabolites concentrations – with purpose of providing data on the individual differences in psilocybin metabolism vs it’s effects/therapeutical power.

The Science
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The Science

The most recent scientific research alongside anecdotal reports of cognitive benefits from psilocybin micro-dosing, suggest the therapeutic potential in treating a range of psychiatric and neurological conditions.. At Ixtlan Bioscience, we attempt to secure pioneering position in this exciting, promising field of novel therapeutic approach for brain pathologies, by partnering with eminent scientific institutions and conducting extensive pre-clinical and clinical.

Psilocybin microdosing is the practice of using sub-threshold doses (microdoses) of serotonergic drugs in an attempt to promote emotional balance, increase performance on problems-solving tasks and to treat anxiety and depression. 

According to currently available data from preclinical and clinical trials, and advantage of microdosing is reflected in it’s safety, as microdosing therapeutical psychedelics does not cause side effects, changes in perception and impaired functioning.



Micro-dosing psilocybin is a safe and preferable protocol of administrating therapeutic psychedelics as it does not cause changes in perception and does not impair mental or physical performance. Micro-dosing psilocybin has shown a 20% increase in neuronal branching in mice, allowing development of new connections in the brain. Psilocybin micro-dosing is the practice of using sub-threshold doses (micro-doses) of serotonergic drugs in an attempt to promote emotional balance, increase performance on problems-solving tasks and to treat anxiety and depression.



As human life expectancy increases at an ever-faster rate, the probability of being affected by dementia rises. Currently there are no satisfying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Available treatment options are insufficient and expensive and therefore not available for a major part of the population worldwide.


The healthcare system today has a huge lack of an in-home neurorecovery solutions, which would provide accessibility to those unable to easily commute to receive therapy in person. Global Unmet Need for Psychedelic Based Treatments in Dementia Globally an estimated 50 million people have a diagnosis of dementia and population prevalence continues to increase.

Contact Us 
Ixtlan Bioscience

16 Caesarea Industrial Zone,

Caesarea, Israel

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