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Ixtlan AD Kit

Ixtlan AD Kit comprises a unique kit for the treatment of a variety of brain pathologies by micro-dosing of encapsulated 5HT2A receptor agonists, specifically psilocybin, along with

Encapsulated psilocybin micro-doses.

An explicit use-protocol, carefully tailored under medical supervision, making it easy and safe for

in-home administration;

A physical product in a form of games and exercises, that will be tailored for different levels of cognitive impairment;


A propriety application dedicated for providing personalized and tailored cognitive exercise by psilocybin micro-doses, as well as monitoring the patient;

A unique home test for detection of psilocybin metabolites concentrations – with purpose of providing data on the individual differences in psilocybin metabolism vs it’s effects/therapeutical power.


Both Ixtlan Bioscience web-application and the physical product have a triple purpose: a. providing a high-quality exercise at home to enhance the therapeutical potential of psilocybin microdosing, b. providing the progress report based on which the patient exercise can be corrected, and c) providing the extensive data that will be used to further improve the product.

This kit of the current invention allows continuous care, while maintaining the budget and comfort of daily routine, and ensuring safe therapy with psilocybin microdoses while continuously obtaining data while providing therapy in order to improve the product and create an extensive database (build-measure-learn loop).

Another exciting aspect is that Ixtlan AD kit is highly versatile and has a potential of being easily modified for application of different types of brain pathologies, specifically those accompanied with cognitive impairments /dementia syndromes such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and specifically dementia syndromes accompanying these disorders. All the mentioned above ensures incremental and iterative development, providing Ixtlan Bioscience business model with high level of agility. 

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